Butter Cookies.


Hey there! As the majority voted for this (on my IG story), Here is me sharing with you a super easy, foolproof recipe for butter cookies.  I mean every word so without further ado let’s keep going. But let me tell you (so that you get an idea)  it tastes very much like those delicious Danish cookies (whose box grandmums use as a sewing kit😉)

Let’s get making these humble beauts.


  1. Whole eggs – 60 g.
  2. Soft Unsalted Butter – 200g.
  3. Icing Sugar – 130g.
  4. All-purpose Flour – 320g.
  5. Vanilla essence – 2 tsp (optional)

PROCEDURE – Creaming method.

  • Beat butter and icing sugar together.
  • Gradually add the egg and vanilla essence
  • Finally, add the flour and continue to beat until smooth and well combined.
  • Transfer this lovely batter into a piping bag with the desired nozzle and pipe it into the desired shape in your parchment paper lined baking sheet OR just make some balls out of this batter and place it in your cookie sheet(and once baked you can drizzle some chocolate over it if you want or toss some jam; anything really.)
  • Bake for 20 minutes at 180*C or until the edges are hard and crumbly.
  • Consume once cooled. You can also store them in an airtight container and have your own made cookies for breakfast or any time of the day. How cool is that!


Now importantly, what do you think about this recipe? It’s damn easy to create and tastes just as good.

If, tried do let me know how it turned out…

Happy Baking 🙂

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  1. thepeacegurl says:

    Looks like something we’ve all tried….hehe (wink, wink)

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